The SPEC is now built and training of staff in progress.  In Dec 2019 we will commence the education of students from the local community. The aim is to train between 5 and 10 students at a time on site at Rainbow Ridge and at the home plots and school plots in the local       community. Greg Knibbs will monitor and personally attend the program from time to time. Depending on the level of funds available, the students can be further resourced   to teach more people from the local community, with practice demonstrated at Rainbow Ridge and on local properties.

Given that one of permaculture’s main principles is “cooperation not competition”, ongoing teaching will be designed to ensure new and existing students learn/practice techniques together so that collaboration becomes the norm in design and resource use for the benefit of all. This will increase and widen their levels of social responsibility toward community issues including orphans, woman empowerment etc.

Other courses that will be available to the local community will be

- English

- Yoga

- Sewing

- Music & Dance