Demonstration of Sustainability

Much has been happening at Rainbow Ridge and time to share with lots more new photos in our various galleries.
Before doing so, thank you so much to everyone who attended our amazing event on Friday the 22nd of June at Dexus Place and to all our supporters who were unable to attend but who donated anyway <3. We're truly humbled that together we raised approximately $65k!!! This covers over half our annual running costs. This is truly amazing!

Thank you also to all of our volunteers: LeeAnne Wilson, Marcus, Vincent and Gabby of Clayton Utz, Zoe, Eleni, Dyah, Benne and photographer Lara from Barzura, to the musicians Emanuel Leiberfrund and Afro Moses. A big thank you also to Alexandra Brownlee of Dexus Properties for organising such an ideal venue and to Jamie Toko and her wonderful staff at 1 Farrer, many thanks for your hard work and support.

Please see our pics of the event here


On the Ground at Rainbow Ridge


The Site – Demonstration of Sustainability

Rainbow Ridge is truly blossoming into a sustainable village. Each year the site grows in abundance – the transformation is hard to believe.  See before and after shots in our new spiffy Sustainability – the Land Gallery.


This is largely due to the unique and intelligent swaling/garden bed design and planting implemented by Greg Knibbs and our permaculture team. Impressive! Thank you!!

The land between the swales is more fertile than 4 years ago as the water has not run off the landscape. It has been captured in the soil – creating a slow-moving reservoir beneath the topsoil.

This accounts for the plant/tree growth all over (citrus trees now bearing fruit). Visit the pics in our new Sustainability - the Land Gallery

The Sustainable Practices Education Centre - SPEC

Thanks to Vince Dyck, his volunteer team & our TZ builders/staff, our SPEC is currently 2/3 complete.

Visit the pics in our new Sustainability – the Spec Gallery which showcases our work so far.


While building has slowed in the last month with heavy rains, it is now back on track with completion is expected in 2 months - ready to host our 1st International Permaculture Design Course/Nov 2018 taught by Greg Knibbs for international and local students.
Successful practices can now be demonstrated and proved – and locals can replicate our success.
Thanks to the Keneally Foundation for sharing our vision with this project.
Clayton Hall

After losing our roof in a big storm, we have now replaced it.  The hall is also undergoing renovation which we will showcase on completion.


Thanks Vince and team for initiating repairs and Gus & Leslie Grote and Beth Borowsky and Kamakids Yoga for their kind financial contributions to repairs.
The Kids

Our CA kids continue to grow and thrive. The natural environment at Rainbow Ridge proves its worth. 

While Western kids are bombarded by the latest gadgets & become addicted to their iPads and social media devices, the CA kids play outside in nature, creating games and fun using their own imaginations (like many of us remember as kids). When indoors, who remembers jigsaws, lego, drawing or cooking with Mum?

KiliKids building blocks.jpg

They learn how their environment provides for them – the importance of respecting that which feeds them - eager to learn from our staff - be it sowing seeds, watering, mulching, picking veggies/fruit.  Some of our older ones are often spotted watching and helping with the building works.  See the pics in our Sustainability – the Land Gallery  and Kids and Staff Gallery to see how the CA kids spend their time with fun and chores.

They are blessed to be breathing in healthy air and eating healthy organic food – unlike the unhealthy foods to which many of our kids are regularly exposed. However, we know we can do so much more in this space. 

So What’s New – Experts & You

So with our new SPEC, Aussie expert nutritionists will be joining our international/local permaculture team and local elders to develop seasonal growing and eating plans to get the best out of the environment and into tummies.

We are also working on the introduction of additional extra-curricular activities at the SPEC for CA and the local kids – and have just employed part time English and music teachers. 

OUR AIM: HEALTH & HAPPINESS – mind and body – for all.


If there are any long term volunteers that wish to assist us in developing our program to teach our kids and the local kids English, Music, Art, Dance or Yoga – please contact us – we want you!!!

We have run out of space this news so look forward to sharing some of our new kids and CA Kids’ achievements in our next News.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

The CA Team