A Sound Life Charity

When a sound life (ASL) co-founder Jo Mall met Mari Pizzinga CA and YTC Director, Jo expressed her life long desire to help in Africa.

Mari & Rod  YTC founders and directors, were inspired by the success of the Africa Yoga Project in Kenya when they began to connect dots and realise the potential of extending the AYP intentions into Tanzania.


Yoga Travel CoMPANY

In 2017, YTC led a group of 12 yogis to Tanzania on a Yoga retreat with a component of service which made all the difference. RS & MP invited A Sound Life co- founder Edo Kahn on this trip to introduce yoga to the CA kids and staff. 

Since the success of the first trip Rainbow Ridge has seen other amazing volunteers arrive - check some of their memoriable adventures here. 


Kids feeding kids

Barzura café & friends have raised over $100K since 2007.  In 2011, Barzura started the CA “kids feeding kids” program, delivering healthy children’s meals to primary schools for no charge.

Every time a child orders & buys a healthy children’s meal from their school canteen, the money is donated to CA to feed a less fortunate child on the other side of the world.

This is all possible thanks to Barzura’s chef & staff, children & their families at Coogee Public School, St Bridgits Coogee & Malabar Public School.


Aid Goes Both Ways

Our school’s program is aptly titled “Aid Goes Both Ways” as experience tells us that our students gain more than they give. This project allows students to directly effect change and see the results.

It provides a tangible opportunity for students to learn about foreign cultures, art, music, language, wildlife and geography while giving something back and gaining a deeper understanding and empathy for children and communities living in poverty.