Volunteers keep CA's heart beating

People make CA work. We are 100% volunteer based so everyone has a skill they could provide to be of service, this could be social media and marketing support to local fundraising events. You don’t need to travel to Tanzania to make a huge difference.  We have a range of different volunteer programs on offer in both Australia and Africa for you to get involved with! 

Say hello and come aboard @info@communitiesassist.org

Thank you! Your time is invaluable and we are eternally grateful for the support.



We're looking for energetic, adventurous people to stay at our sustainable village at Rainbow Ridge (2 month min). 

Our permaculture team is always needing extra help with the building of our sustainable communities.

We are also always on the lookout for volunteers with experience in psychology, social work, music and drama.



We're always looking to expand the CA family. We need help in all areas of operations, from social media management to event management and marketing.



Align your company’s objectives and social responsibility to our varied programs/work and become a corporate sponsor.


We offer life changing field trips for schools groups. These trips are tailored to the needs of our visiting students but typically comprise direct exposure to the application of sustainability practices, experience in how our local neighbours live and of course an opportunity to meet the CA Kids.