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Creating Lasting Impact

Discover the positive changes we've made in local communities through our sustainable practices
Dedicated to transforming lives and communities in need since 2006

Our Approach to Sustainable Community Development

At Communities Assist, we believe in a holistic approach to sustainable community development. We focus on education, capacity building, and empowerment to create long-term change.

Education and Training Programs

At Communities Assist, we employ a variety of methods and approaches to teach and facilitate sustainable practices within local communities in Africa. By working closely with our local partners and experts from Australia and abroad, we are able to make a lasting impact and be the catalyst for positive change.

Rainbow Ridge

Through our Development Aid Project we use Rainbow Ridge as a demonstration and teaching site for sustainability practices within the local community of Maili Sita.

Sustainable Practices Education Center (SPEC)

CA SPEC - Training & Education Hub for local and international students in Permaculture excellence. CATZ forges ahead with community partnership with Sinya Primary School.

Empowering Communities
in Africa through Sustainable Practices

Communities Assist is dedicated to making a tangible impact in Africa by working with local partners and experts to teach and facilitate sustainable practices. Through our efforts, we aim to alleviate poverty and address the issues of scarcity and inequality.


Of daily food needs produced

for 42 families in Tanzania


Orphans and vulnerable Tanzanian orphans supported


Our Journey So Far


Assisting vulnerable and orphaned children in their community by providing food, shelter, clothing, medical support, schooling and employing in the local community


Developing and implementing sustainable solutions for housing, childcare, food production and storage, land treatment and employing the local community.


Educating locals in sustainable practices, initiating an outreach program to transition children into foster care within their local community.


Education and Green Team thrive with African university collaboration, new expert farm management and new technologies employed.

Garden to Plate
Where food is abundant and healthy so on one goes hungry or sick

Our Permaculture advisor Greg Knibbs, farm manager Frank Kimaro and our Green Team are always focused on improving the design, quality and volume of food grown in the gardens to create an improved, diverse, organic and healthy diet on the plates of our staff and kids.


While we often face challenges at Rainbow Ridge such as communication and connectivity (internet), water shortage (drought) or government restrictions and intervention, the team always rises to the challenge with intelligent and innovative solutions to ensure significant progress.


Our project has been boosted in recent years by the oversight of our Kenyan team from Kisumu City Permaculture Academy, collaboration with intern students from Kampala University, Uganda and the new management of Frank Kimaro so that Frank, Greg and our Green Team have ended 2023 with the delivery of our latest designed "Permaculture in Practice" week long crash course teaching African NGO representatives the best in theory and practice of sustainable farming at Rainbow Ridge


Support Our Cause Today

Communities Assist has DGR status in Australia and Tanzania. A tax deductible receipt will be issued to you upon receipt of any donation above $2.


Make a Difference Today

Join us in creating change in African communities through volunteering, donations or partnerships

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