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Sinya School "Greening the Desert Challenge"

In December 2021, CA formally partnered with Sinya Primary School - local public boarding school - to share in the education/care of our kids while we work with the school to transform their whole site into another community demonstration site in sustainability for the Sinya school children, their staff, their parents and their local community.

The Sinya School Project is our first large community outreach project and the task is mammoth - as seen from the photos and master plan.


Bore Hole Drilling

In May 2022, all design parameters were physically marked out on site, green fences were planted and gardens started. By June 2022, we were drilling water and installing a bore hole and associated structures to supply water to the Sinya community.

Turning sand into soil to grow quality/nutritious food will take some time, but with the years of permaculture education under their belts, we know our Green Team will guide the Sinya students/staff and locals to success.  From the photos, you can see the keen engagement of the students and staff in this project. Through 2023, we have continued to progress with planting and developing the site. We look forward to installing a wire fence to keep the wild animals from eating our crops and infant trees.

Sinya School Gallery

Journey Through the Moments of Transformation

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