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Looking Back, Moving Forward: A Glimpse into Our Year of Growth

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The second half of 2023 has been remarkably successful as our new farm manager, Frank Kimaro, has taken the bull by the horns and led our Green Team to take Rainbow Ridge to the next level.

The year has culminated with the holding of a week long "Permaculture in Practice” course to representatives of various African NGOs and local community farmers.

Rainbow Ridge as of 2023

Preparing for the teaching of this course, our team installed the following at Rainbow Ridge for use at the training course:

New nursery/Shade house for growing and propagting pasture and tree seedlings

Drip irrigation systems

New solar food dryers

New operating methane gas system
From the Team:

"Finally our biogas systems is on, we manage to produce methane gas after renovation of the system, we are all happy for this result so now we are looking forward for further extension of the systems to see if it can work on the one of the hostel here for cooking. We shall install a butner and good piping systems for the safety of the user and we will come up with other reccomendations."

Permaculture in Practice - Gallery

(use arrows for more photos)

Bedding and rooms for students were renewed with new mattresses, sheets and more reliable access to water and electricity provided.

Inspiring Youth, Transforming Communities: James Morrisey's Impactful Initiative

integral to this hard work and development was young James Morrisey - 18 year old nephew of CA founders John and Steve O’Reilly.

James volunteered with the Green Team during July and August this year and had the experience of a lifetime as he fully immersed himself in Green team work, energy, culture, learning Swahili - eating local cuisine and the wonderful variety of food grown on site.

James shares a must read few paragraphs of his amazing experience not just at Rainbow Ridge but also at Sinya School with the CA kids seeing first hand their school life/environment and our “Greening the Desert” Challenge.  James is now raising funds for the wire fence needed at Sinya school to keep the wild animals out and the bore hole at Rainbow Ridge to protect against drought conditions and assist local community.

Thanks for supporting us as always and wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas/Great New years from the CA family - Particulary on the ground in Africa with our Kids preparing now for Christmas at Rainbow Ridge.

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