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Business Plan & Action in 2023

The Business Plan required we hire a full time suitable qualified farm manager. Through intensive search/interviews, CA retained Frank Kimaro as farm manager.

Frank is eminently qualified - formerly educated with a bachelor of science in Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness and having worked extensively in sustainable agricultural projects in Tanzania including developing and marketing organic product lines.

In April, Frank started the job running and by the end of the first quarter, he was busy reporting on the staging of CA's initial 1-3 year projects from the Business Plan which included:

• a syllabus and program for Rainbow Ridge/the SPEC’s first internationally offered practical training course in permaculture design/regenerative agriculture for local and international students.

• planning for hosting interns, students, volunteers - adult accomodation on site.

• programs for students and volunteers to assist different income generating activities on site.

• start of the koolorganics project - commercial growing of in demand crops, herbs, spices, fruits and plant nursery.

• start of open pollinated seedbank - saving seed for sale and outreach programs

• planning permaculture outreach work - both paid and charitable.

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