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COVID 19 and the challenges we faced on the ground in Tanzania

The volunteer team who travelled to Rainbow Ridge in February 2020 returned to Australia with little time to spare in avoiding the disruptions that were to come. Mandatory quarantine was hours away with several of the team opting to self-isolate as a precautionary measure.

It seems COVID restrictions were slower to reach Tanzania which gave us time to anticipate how to best pivot in the interests of our African family and friends.

Once COVID became apparent in the local community, the fear factor rose immensely and managing the situation from afar was dynamic to say the least.

The Australian board, in conjunction with the local Tanzanian board responded to issues as they arose and a phoenix of sorts has risen out of the ashes so to speak and a new improved model and maturing of our original concept is the result.

We go into 2021 with many exciting new initiatives underway and a clearer vision for the future.. Below are just a few examples:

  • New “Garden to Plate” concept and planting regime with a laser focus on improved nutrition across the board at the centre.

  • Indigenous food and plants sourced of a higher order and variety (as opposed to starchy and fibrous low nutritional, low cost options the team are used to consuming)

  • Improved communication platforms

  • Innovative and sustainable community based childcare programmes

  • Extended outreach programmes for the local community and a net cast to identify future leaders and collaborators.

  • Broader based educational programmes offered to the wider community from our education facility (SPEC) which has now been completed and set up fit for purpose. English lessons, permaculture and sustainable farming classes and regular yoga classes (with options available for teacher training qualifications. ) Music and comprehensive library resources are now available.

  • Qualified English teacher engaged. Qualified Yoga instructors, Expert permaculture Teacher.

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