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COVID Challenges & Community Partnership Drives CA Forward

2021 has been a transitional year for CA both on site at Rainbow Ridge and with the wider community.


Our Commitment to the Care of Children is stronger than ever.  It is now delivered with community in a more collaborative and sustainable way while achieving our more advanced Organisational Objectives.

In addition to the 35 CA children we currently support individually, we are now supporting even more vulnerable and poor children that attend Sinya Primary School and those living in the surrounding community.

These children and their community need YOUR continued support and generosity.


As we shared in 2020, COVID-19 restrictions resulted in the temporary relocation of CA kids to community families. This allowed CA to consider differently how local community might care for vulnerable children permanently in a more sustainable way.

Through negotiation with local families and a local primary boarding school, we are excited to report the following developments:

  1. 19 of our CA kids are now living with local families - for whom we provide in-kind support as needed - extra food, schooling costs, medical needs, tools and infrastructure needs.

  2. CA has formally partnered with Sinya Primary School - local public boarding school - to share in the education/care of our remaining 16 kids while we work with them on site in transforming the whole school site into another community demonstration site in sustainability for all school children, their staff, their parents and the local community.

The Sinya School Project is our first large community outreach project and the task is mammoth.

But we know with our experience at Rainbow Ridge and your support we can do it.

The CA Green Team & Management Staff are now teaching/training school staff, students and local families at the SPEC (Rainbow Ridge), the school and community homes in all relevant aspects of sustainable living.

Our CA Care Staff oversee the welfare of CA kids and all kids subject of our projects.

CA’s agreements to partner with local schools AND local families as part of our “Garden to Plate” Program - G2P and community outreach work - are made on the strict basis that these parties formerly commit to subjecting students/staff/parents/community to our training courses with practical classes conducted on site at the school and families homes - real transformations.

Partnering with schools AND families allows us to gain the trust and commitment of community to encourage greater community education and transformation from nothing to sustainability.

Watch this space - it will be exciting and it will happen.


You may recall that last year heralded the start of our new “GARDEN to PLATE” program - G2P

G2Ps AIM: TO ensure how and what we grow in the garden RESULTS in the most nutritious and abundant food on plate.

Under tutelage of sustainability experts Greg Knibbs and Maurice Obuya, our Green Team has - amidst two lengthy bi-annual intensive training courses - transformed Rainbow Ridge further.

The refinement of design including syntropic farming techniques and the introduction of new indigenous seeds and plant species has taken Rainbow Ridge to the next level as a sustainability demonstration and teaching site.

A big thank you to each of you for your ongoing support! Let’s make Christmas special for those who need it most. 

Take care & be happy!

Your Communities Assist Team

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