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Educational Partnerships Bear Fruit for Kids, Community and Students

Hope you are all well and the first half of 2022 has treated you kindly. Please do consider making a tax deductible donation before the end of financial year to assist us changing lives.

Enjoy the following update!

From Hardship Brings Opportunity

We previously shared CA’s intentions to turn global restrictions into opportunities to enhance our partnerships with community and develop our educational program at Rainbow Ridge.

And that is exactly what we have done and continue to do.

We have maintained and continue to:

  1. support local families to care for 19 CA kids

  2. partner with Sinya Primary Boarding School in the care/education of 16 CA Kids

  3. educate our Green team through advanced permaculture training at Rainbow Ridge

  4. transform Sinya Primary Boarding School into a thriving environment of abundance

  5. conduct permaculture internships for Ugandan environmental science uni students

Kids & Community

Our CA “child guardians” (Gretha and Waride) - who provide outreach oversight of our CA Kids in family/Sinya School care and education - report that our kids are thriving in their new environments.

Our first hand chats with the kids confirm this.

Often progress and success is best portrayed by pictures and we believe this is one of those times. 

The following pics share “together time” at Rainbow Ridge.  When school term ends, our kids return Home to Rainbow Ridge where their other CA brothers and sisters now with local families join them.  CA kids, parents and staff get to share the magic moments.

Your support has been pivotal in this progress.  It is most valued.  If you would like to donate or sponsor one of our kids, please go to our sponsorship page here.

Garden To Plate - G2P - Sinya Primary School

Exciting times! Work has begun! - all design parameters have now been physically marked out on site, green fences have been planted and are growing and our gardens have started.

The bore hole drilling and building has commenced.

Once this is complete and water is flowing, the exciting task of planting thousands of plants and trees will begin starting with Zone 1 - kitchen gardens so we can start growing food as soon as possible. 

Turning sand into soil to grow quality/nutritious food will take some time, but with the years of permaculture education under their belts, we know our Green Team will guide the Sinya students/staff and locals to success.  From the photos, you can see the keen engagement of the students and staff in this project.

Rainbow Ridge Spec Thrives As Education Hub

Garden to Plate - G2P - Starts at Home

Rainbow Ridge is proving to be one of the truly pre-eminent demonstration sites/homes of permaculture in East Africa.

The abundance and diversity of food is always growing as the Green Team spends early 2022 honing their planning, recording and reporting skills to prove the site fulfils its purpose as a model of sustainability producing a substantiated diverse range of local organic food in abundance.

This education has included a comprehensive site review/assessment as to nutrition requirements, food availability, plant/growing requirements, planting methods/regimes, staff needs/schedules and record/report keeping to name a few.

Again pictures speak louder than words - Green Team attend further training under tutelage of Greg Knibbs and Maurice Obuya.

Following this training, June 2022 kicked off with the arrival of 8 University Students from Kampala University, Uganda - Environmental Science faculty.  Their collaboration with our Green Team under the ongoing tutelage of Greg Knibbs is proving invaluable to both groups as they work on the plans and objectives from the site assessment developed by the Green Team.

See both teams collaborating - learning & working together - in true permaculture spirit.

Please donate to our Educational Program to assist us in offering the Local Community and others quality lifesaving education here.

Keep tuned for the introduction of our Permaculture Design Courses hosted by our Green Team and Greg Kniggs/Edge 5 Permaculture at Rainbow Ridge and our SPEC (Sustainability Practices Education Centre) - where the magic happens - for late 2022/2023 - local and international students welcome.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

All the best for 2022.

CA Team

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