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From a SPEC to Abundance

In last News, we shared with you the Transformation of Rainbow Ridge through our MUST SEE INSPIRING VIDEO - “TRANSFORMING RAINBOW RIDGE”

It talked of CA's Sustainability Practices Education Centre (SPEC) - where we teach our staff and local community how to transform their homes into sustainable living environments through the application of sustainability principles, practices, technologies and solutions.

But our SPEC is also a place where we seek to transform physical and mental health and vocational opportunities. That's why we introduced SPEC Yoga in February 2019 and why we are now introducing SPEC English and SPEC Sewing. Soon we will have SPEC Music and SPEC Dance. Please DONATE to support our programs. The more you help, the more we do.

All courses are available to CA Kids, staff and community.

The name SPEC is not only the acronym for our Sustainability Practices Education Centre.

It also captures the nature of our work. Our mission is to transform from nothing - from the SPEC to abundance through effective demonstration, education and practice - whether the improvement is in the quality/volume of the land, resources, food, language, or physical and mental well-being (through vocational training, yoga, music, dance or just a healthy environment). 

The success of CA’s demonstration and education program is best reflected by:

  • the growth of trees and plants with improved fertility and soil condition;

  • the growth in the volume/quality of nutritious organic food produced on site;

  • the healthy and peaceful environment in which the kids and staff now live and work and

  • the improved physical and mental health and wellbeing of all our CA family at Rainbow Ridge.

Pictures speak a thousand words.

The kids and staff have really taken to yoga and meditation which are well proven tools to increase health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

Lessons For Us All - Education Collaboration

To build on the quality of demonstration and education we provide at Rainbow Ridge and the SPEC, we have this year collaborated with Sydney University and Clayton Utz Lawyers in a novel partner project between tertiary, industry and community.

The project is aimed at exploring the additional sustainable practices and technologies that CA can showcase and teach at Rainbow Ridge to address local issues such as:

  • Sustainable approaches to food production

  • Post-harvest technologies

  • Alternative renewable energy generation

  • Sanitation of water

  • Water/waste water management and recycling

This project involves interdisciplinary groups of students from different faculties/backgrounds assessing issues in a local project context to identify strategies and solutions that can be successfully implemented and employed.

If you would like to share in any of our sustainability work first hand, we are staging 2 educational and vocational experiences in the next 6 months:

  1. Sustainability Practical Training Course - staff and community - Rainbow Ridge - 5 -18 December 2019 - convened by Greg Knibbs.

  2. Vocational Trip - “Moving Mountains not Climbing Them” - 27 Feb-15 March 2020.

Moving Mountains, Not Climbing Them

Location: Moshi - Tanzania - Foot of Mt Kilimanjaro plus Zanzibar Island stay.

Accomodation: Moshi- Keys Lodge (11 nights), Zanzibar- Panga Chumvi Beach Resort (3 nights). Accommodation is modest but comfortable

Daily Schedule: Morning Yoga at our hotel > day at Rainbow Ridge volunteering > afternoon meditation/reflection back at the hotel > dinner.

We are not charging anything to be your guides over the 10 days, you will just need to pay the travel expenses. Approximate total will be $5-6K AUD. 

We are calling anyone who feels the pull to be of service and contribute to this amazing project in Africa!  Some volunteering examples: yoga classes, music sessions, photography & videography for marketing, permaculture/gardening, building/labouring, painting, health & education services etc.

To get a sense of what your trip to Rainbow Ridge might be like, see UPLIFTING VIDEO of our team's experience last year - ”CA YOGA AT RAINBOW RIDGE” It will make your heart glow.

CA is a proven team that creates real and sustainable transformations to the lives of those in need.  

Link us to your CSR program at work & join our growing list of corporates working with us to transform the lives of children and communities in need.

If you are interested in either trip, please email

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