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Meet Our Sponsors

Sean is one of our long-term sponsors who lives in NSW. He is helping put this new information tool together. We asked Sean what drew him to support Communities Assist. Here is his response:

“I attended a fundraiser eight years ago, hosted by Rodney and Mari Sen at my favourite local restaurant, Barzura in Coogee. I was moved by the work this homegrown organisation was doing in supporting children whose families had been ravaged by HIV & AIDS.

I was already supporting a small orphanage in Johannesburg but felt compelled to do something in addition for this particular charity. I asked my financial adviser to help me with an affordable strategy and set up a modest savings plan to achieve this goal. I am in a good position now to sustainably support these 2 small charities long term.

As I was born in Africa and had backpacked extensively throughout the continent as a 23yr old, I witnessed first-hand the struggles and the poverty suffered by the people but I still found myself shocked by the large number suffering from blindness. I loved the people I met on my travels and appreciated their hopes for a better future and their cheerfulness under such deprivations.

I feel a special affinity with the children living under Mount Kilimanjaro, as I climbed the mountain in 1973 and would have looked out over the village and surrounding land which was to become Rainbow Ridge”

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