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Transforming Rainbow Ridge - The Video

When John O’Reilly (CA) and Greg Knibbs (Edge 5 Permaculture) conducted a 2 week training course with our local sustainability team at Rainbow Ridge in November 2018,  they took some video footage of the site.

We have now compared this footage with older footage of 5-6 years earlier and produced a MUST SEE INSPIRING VIDEO - “TRANSFORMING RAINBOW RIDGE”  It will blow your mind!

Thank you to all our supporters for helping us realise this milestone.  Onwards and Upwards we Go.

Please DONATE as we embark on educating the local community on the remarkable benefits of sustainable living – as John and Greg head back to Tanzania in November 2019 to conduct a community based sustainability education course at our newly completed SPEC (Sustainability Practices Education Centre).

CA Yoga’s Trip To Rainbow Ridge

In Feb 2019, Mari Pizzinga & The Yoga Travel Company returned to Rainbow Ridge with another 10 very skilled and enthusiastic volunteers to achieve very clear goals in a very short number of days. 

  1. Team Children & Staff – Angela & Alexandra Brownlee interviewed all the children and staff members to create current profiles for each to be able to build upon in future but also to develop systems for creating content to keep valued supporters, sponsor updated on the children’s progress. 

  2. Team Building- Nic & Ray Brownlee- Were able to bring the SPEC to practical completion by fitting in windows, doors and joinery while training the local joiner to complete works after we had left. 

  3. Team Yoga- Georgia Brownlee, Tammy Shemesh, Fran Guajardoa- were able to launch a clear Yoga Program in collaboration two Tanzanian AYP trained qualified yoga teachers who have been holding Yoga one Sunday every month.  Two classes are taught on these Sundays.  One for the older children ( their school friends) and CA staff and another for the younger children and CA mammas.   

  4. Support Team- Irene sen, Ella Crowley, Maeve Gordon were invaluable! Doing all the most intense and random jobs which included sorting and cleaning out shipping containers filled with children’s clothes, toys; books; furniture, tools; musical instruments etc which have been donated over the last 10 years.  These 3, with the hand of a few of the others also painted one of the new class rooms of the SPEC.   

CA’s Georgia Brownlee prepared this UPLIFTING VIDEO of their experience ”CA YOGA AT RAINBOW RIDGE”  It will make your heart glow.

Thank You CA Yoga!!!!

Inspired - all you Yogies out there – invite your schools to assist the CA yoga team to bring the wonderful benefits of yoga to Tanzania.

Contact us at or +61 404 241 239

CA Golf Day

In March this year, our Team at Emjay Insurance and clientele ran another hugely successful annual golf day at St Michael’s Golf Course raising a whopping $32,000 which greatly assists our annual operating costs at Rainbow Ridge.

We could not do the work without you.

A big thank you to Mario, Jeff, Jordan, Smokey, Matt and all the team for being part of CA’s drive to help children and communities in need through sustainability.

This is a highly successful corporate run event that recognises and appreciates the work that CA does. 

CA is a proven entity that creates real and sustainable transformations to the lives of those in need.  Link us to your CSR program at work & join our growing list of corporates working with us to transform the lives of children and communities in need.

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